18 Hours

It’s 07:39 on Monday morning. I’m standing in my kitchen because that is the only place wi-fi seems to work. I have just realized Christmas is done – Along with opening presents, good-will and cheer. The faces of the new year are slowly taking shape. It’s almost as if the dawning of stress from days that are yet to come have inverted the festive cheer and slightly twisted some people’s smiles. This year has been crazy; filled to the brim with dualities and I can’t help but reflect on the significance of some of the things I have observed, experienced and learned. For Christmas I got my notebook to scribble down my thoughts, and over the past two days I have been reflecting and scribbling. This is my final post for this year, 2013. This is me letting go and appreciating all the year had to offer. This year went by so fast – in a blink of an eye, but I learned my lessons. Enjoy the hours that are left in this year and allow me to share how I saw these past months…

18 Hours

I saw ideas grow like trees;
giving breath to life and support to the living.

I saw life as an ocean and myself as a library.
I saw the new year as a sunrise
but at the time I was too asleep to appreciate it.

I witnessed intentions like a flame igniting wicks.
I also saw careless flames melt candles and set fire to curtains
reducing mansions to dying cinders,
but sometimes tears are stronger than fire
lifting the Phoenix from out our ashes.

I learned angels can sometimes fall
and humans are able to carry them.

I realized will is stronger than cancer
and souls are brighter than the shadows of love.

I found expression was a direct telephone line to God;
He doesn’t speak human – so many hang-up –
but I find myself on the phone more often.

I learned drum beats do more than keep melodies together
they are universes themselves
and they are waiting to be painted.

I discovered how to let roses be
and how to appreciate them;
thorns and all,
because they don’t have to be plucked to be admired.

I learned grey skies can block out the sun
but the rain it sometimes brings can cleanse the heaviness of souls.

I discovered a half glass of water can eventually become the heaviest of burdens
and all I had to do was put it down.

There were times I felt like Atlas
struggling to hold up the celestial sphere
but I saw angels and their wings beating for my heart
and the world didn’t seem so heavy.

My heart was an actor
it played the role of a mirror.
Love was the sharpest of arrows and when it was released
it shattered my mirror into a thousand different pieces.
But I realized it still reflected and as I leaned in over the floor where it lay –
I found myself.

I struggled to find the keys to unlock this cage
and when I found it,
I left its doors wide open,
even though the wind sometimes blows it closed.

I saw expectation murder hope.
I forgave it and let it go.
My hope still lives from beyond the grave
like a ghost haunting my life.

I saw egos as gardens and learned:
Some humans keep them tidy and beautiful,
others don’t.

I saw words as more than merely letters
and sentences more than these words.
They were ancient pin pricks of light
like stars piercing the blanket of night,
making it more than just heavy but beautiful too.

I observed seasons in everything;
from harsh stormy winters to beautiful lush summers
and depending where one is located in life,
we sometimes see winters all year-long.

I felt this year was a day.
Every two hours – a month.
I slept for at least six of those hours,
but I’m awake now.
I saw the hours for what they were
and now I await for a beautiful sunrise.


Wishing you ALL a happy safe New Year. Although your year may have been incredibly shite, reflect on what you have experienced and hopefully you can take away something positive from the negative. Remember that truth is a bigger duality and we are often too small to see it, we get glimpses and slices which we see as good or bad. There is no right and wrong, only lessons and I do hope you have all learned yours. All the best for 2014.


Soak it up

I just want to soak it all up, you know? Especially on days like today. It’s a perfect spring day. One of those days where the sun slowly sets fire to the horizon and ends up burning silhouettes onto walls and cupboards. I want to soak it all up. Sit there and watch the silhouettes and shadows move and dance with time.

Even yesterday, when the skies were grey and the light muted, I still wanted to appreciate the world more. The rains were heavy the night before. In the morning the mountain played with the torrents of water creating waterfalls for the mountain to wear as jewelry. It was a spectacular sight, but one that could only be appreciated for too brief of a moment.

My attention shifted to the commuters and the hordes of people making their way to, and through, the day. The noise was rising. Noisy people making noisy inventions even louder. The collective noise was too loud, blinding my appreciation. So what do I do? I shut off the noise with inventions of my own choice, making it loud for distraction as to wane the “polluted” noise. It’s all about the inventions now. The inventions have made it easier for us to express ourselves by being louder and more visible, but it’s still about the invention. The invention becomes the norm with little thought to the idea and reason behind it. We like tangible. The invention is tangible, yet symbolic of the reason for it.

I want to appreciate the world more. I want to sit and watch the mountain adorn itself with heavy streams of rain, instead of seeing it on an invention’s screen. The symbolic representation of the invention is beautiful, but it is still no replacement for its divine inspiration. It’s not the invention that is bad, at all. It is the attitude towards and the thought behind the use of the inventions that should be on our minds.

We shouldn’t rely too heavily on the inventions for inspiration and appreciation. They do great things, but we should try interact with the concepts and causes behind them just as much as we interact with the invention itself. 


There is beauty teeming in your unknown.

You cannot see it, because you are too close.

You are the humble caterpillar, unsure of your future; hearing rumours from others about your greatness.

You don’t accept your beauty because you cannot see it.

I, the inquisitive child, await to see the rebirth of ordinary from the rumours of others.

Patience of evolution will eventually show your true colours, your destiny.

That destiny is far more beautiful than any.

Your destiny is truth, and there is nothing more beautiful than truth.

You are truth.

All you need is patience.


© Observing Vessel


I’ve noticed my more recent posts are more on the writing/thinking side of things and I have been a little quiet with photography.  That’s the way life goes I guess; in cycles.  I’ll find that every now and then my photography goes a bit quiet, but then I’ll find myself more busy in my musical endeavours and visa versa.  I think rest is important, it leaves you refreshed and in a new frame of mind, ready to take on new tasks and hopefully even see things in a different light.

For my last post of the week I thought Id leave you with some landscape photographs I have taken in the past.  I believe beauty is everywhere, it just depends how you perceive it.  Hope you enjoy these landscape shots from Cape Town and surrounding areas.  Have a great safe weekend and see you all next week…

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Cape Tattoo Convention 2012

What  is a tattoo convention like? Well if you are into the culture and can really appreciate body art, then I’d imagine its a lot like a junkie walking into a crack-house.  Some of the worlds most amazing tattoo artists under one roof, available to etch a beautiful piece of art onto your body FOREVER.  Now in its fourth year, the convention seems to be out doing itself year by year.  Tattoos are a lot more popular these days, not only for bikers and pirates, it’s for moms too!  The convention saw a wide variety of people from different walks of life, different styles and different cliques come together and appreciate this art form and its artists.  Has your perception of tattoos changed somewhat?  I think a lot of people still need to understand that tattoos and body art do not determine personalities or what kind of person you are.  Those ancient pre-conceived ideas need to fall away.  Tattoos (if done properly) are beautiful works of art, and just like good works of art, should last forever.  This is a glimpse into the S.I.X tattoo convention which was held at the BMW Pavillion in the Waterfront.  Enjoy…

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A magical garden

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to take a leisurely stroll and photograph this incredible garden in Constantia.   Not only is it beautiful but it was fulfilling a good cause.  This garden belongs to Ina Paarman, whom many of you may know as you probably cook with her sauces, spices marinades, chutneys…the list goes on.  Mrs Paarman, every year, has an open garden day where the public are invited to stroll through her garden, have some coffee and get a chance to meet her.  All the proceeds go towards Boys Town charity and The Cape Times Bursary Fund  and it was good to see and hear that people were most generous.  Paarman Foods had the humblest of beginnings and has flourished into a house-hold name whilst still keeping it a family business. I am not a fan of the corporate world and its good to see humble beginnings become successful whilst still giving back to the community.   They were able to raise R23,500 for the charities with nearly 800 visitors over 2 days.

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If you are a foodie, I highly encourage you to visit Paarman Foods website here or if you are on facebook keep up to date with her here.