A city by the sea

BoKaap (Large)


It was a city of 3.74 million ghosts, all living on auto-pilot. Life was a routine, a reaction to emotion and the senses. Each ghost was more important than the other, in a competition to be more alive. The competition eventually became another routine, squeezing the life from its form, leaving the shell to walk the earth as it desperately sought day after day the connection in once had with life.
Now the city is filled with varying degrees of a somnambulist society, silently screaming for a life that is not ready to exist until evolution decides the time is right…

A view from inside

Concrete Amazon
Zombified people throng these uncared for streets;
while cement giants observe life even as the city sleeps.
Motorised insects traverse this concrete Amazon;
with zombified commuters inside and distractions turned on.
There and back;
this pendulous game subsides as day turns to night and diamonds shade the evening skies.
Days 1 to 5 between 9 and 5 is when our routines work.
Aspirations asleep;
only stirring once the pendulous game's final buzzer beeps.
Days 6 and 7;
a welcomed anomaly.
Inspiration to aspire, a thought that so many admire.
Two whole days for your recreation,
but so many fail and digress to procrastination.

© Observing Vessel


A room view

This is just photograph I took from our bedroom window.   I have a slight obsession with clouds and cloud formations.  They amaze me all the time.  Whenever I’m driving and I look to the sky, the clouds entertain me.  This scene from our bedroom reminded me of an in-coming wave about to flood the city-scape, a clipped moon being the only witness.  The suburb is oblivious.  Helpless against the inevitable.

Morning light

I’m definitely a morning person.  I love the colour of the light and the way it illuminates everything.  I also enjoy the way mornings feel.  Maybe it’s because everyone hasn’t started their day properly and the hustle and bustle is yet to begin.  I took a quick stroll around Long Street the other morning and decided to just take pictures,  something I haven’t done in a while, it was almost as if I had slightly forgotten how to see things.  Ridiculous, I know, but I’m going to force myself to do more of this.  I love the freedom of just observing, looking for a subject to shoot.  The morning light is so warm and beautiful, everything is side lighting and it tends to exaggerate the shadows.  The buildings in town are tall causing half of the streets to be submerged in shadow, while the other half has this beautiful, warm glow to it.   Mornings are for me and sometimes if I over sleep I feel cheated of my mornings.  Even if it is to appreciate the warm early morning glow whilst laying in bed. I still get to enjoy it…

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Unsuspectingly surprising…

I’ve been trying to come up with some cool concepts for future posts, specifically photography.  I have been looking around the “blogosphere” and have found some really awesome and inspiring blogs!  It’s relieving to see different people still holding a passion for things creative and their want to spread positivity through their blogs.  So I have a few ideas that I really need to put into motion, so keep an eye out.

I have made an effort to try carry my camera around with me more often.  There are so many things that pass us everyday just waiting to be snapped up.  Tuesday evening was one of those moments.  I had a band practice in an industrial part of Cape Town, I took my camera with me with every intention to do some Triptych portraits of my band members, an idea I picked up from a fellow WordPress blogger Per Z perctive.  Unfortunately due to the course of the evening I never got around to those portraits, but as we were leaving the practice room there was this fog that was passing over the area.  Together with the industrial lighting, it was a photograph waiting to be taken.  I jumped out the car and took a couple snaps of what I saw – an eerie, desolate industrial street.  The colour of the light reflecting in the fog gave this lonely street such character, I couldn’t help but take a photograph.

This simple little “exercise” made me realise something again.  Moments continue to pass us by everyday.  If I hadn’t had taken my camera with me, I wouldn’t have captured that moment.  I had every intention of taking a few photographs that evening, but things changed, I instead ended up with only one photograph.  I have no regrets, because it was that one photograph that I needed.  A beautiful, haunting moment that I captured.  Unfortunately I did end up missing opportunities to photograph my band members, but such is life.   Things change, and we can either change with them and adapt or stand strong.  It’s a choice and its neither right nor wrong, but we do end up living the consequences of that choice.  I shall leave you this week with a quote my mom once gave me, which means a lot to me: “When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.”


I’ve noticed my more recent posts are more on the writing/thinking side of things and I have been a little quiet with photography.  That’s the way life goes I guess; in cycles.  I’ll find that every now and then my photography goes a bit quiet, but then I’ll find myself more busy in my musical endeavours and visa versa.  I think rest is important, it leaves you refreshed and in a new frame of mind, ready to take on new tasks and hopefully even see things in a different light.

For my last post of the week I thought Id leave you with some landscape photographs I have taken in the past.  I believe beauty is everywhere, it just depends how you perceive it.  Hope you enjoy these landscape shots from Cape Town and surrounding areas.  Have a great safe weekend and see you all next week…

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