Concept of evolution of the subtle, intangible planes


When we think of evolution we tend only to think in terms of man evolving from ape to modern day Homo Sapiens. This can and is debated to death with different religious views etc. I ask you to briefly put those thoughts to one side as I entertain the idea of evolution with relevance to consciousness and those subtle, intangible planes of existence.

Everything evolves, even a thought. A thought can evolve to the point where it is no longer just alive in the invisible mind stuffs, but can eventually gain enough momentum and enough gravity for that initial idea to create a physical effect and manifest.


The same can be said for the single human unit’s consciousness, and if we expand, the same goes for the human consciousness as a collective or a mass sum. I believe we still know far too little about our ancient past and the so called ‘facts’ we know are so varied that it leaves the average person confused, so they believe what they are taught in our educational institutions, which I am sad to say is flawed.
Whether we did evolve from ape or if there was a cross synthesis between two or more species/sub-species or whatever, evolution still played a roll.
Physical discoveries based on observation is the most basic way of learning. Through observing patterns and repetition in nature, our earliest ancestors took these discoveries to heart and implemented whatever system to use for the better of self or their community.
Even the systems that were based on their observations evolved. The system gets implemented as often as possible because it is seen as benevolent. Eventually the system evolves to the point where we become so use to it that it becomes common place and eventually over time the general population of the future generations may forget the reason for the initial system, and then the system becomes that unwavering truth that they have benefited from for generations.


Because that initial idea (which evolved into whatever system) has become so evolved and because it has done so slowly over many decades and generations, the community often does not see the small changes and cracks the system makes over time, not only to the physical life of the community, but also the mental and even emotional life of each human unit and the collective as a whole. Each unit interprets everything slightly differently. This obviously has consequences between individual human units and also similar minded units who congregate into ‘organizations’. So often these ‘organizations’ are at the heart of conflict, even though each unit within these organizations sits ever so differently on the scale of the true ideal that the organization centers itself around, even though the views of this future generation is based on the understanding of their elders/ancestors of that initial idea/system.
If the current generations are unaware and not conscious of the changes and cracks that every system is bound to produce (whatever it may be) and we continue blindly with the initial system because the result is easier to see because perhaps it is more tangible, then the cracks and changes on the more subtle planes (i.e Emotional and mental) will continue to grow. When the unseen forces/energies continue evolving in one way and the physical system doesn’t change to ‘counteract’ these new or different variables into the system and synthesize them practically then the physical form will eventually break…only to eventually reform and rebuild – such is the concept of evolution.


We have evolved physically to the point where we are authorities on this planet. We are in a place of power where we are able to change an idea, ideals and even realities in pretty significant ways. What prevents us at the moment, I think, is that the majority isn’t at the point of a mental evolution where we don’t only just concern ourselves with the individual unit, but also concern ourselves as a collective entity, that of a human consciousness. The majority has mastered existing in physical life but struggle on the emotional and mental sides of life. These subtler planes, I believe, are important as everything physical is born from the intangible consciousness or mental plane. Once enough human units have shifted from a very physical, egocentric state of mind to one that incorporates not only one of self, but also one that includes the collective, then one will see more of a positive change for humanity and eventually the planet. I feel that this is the direction of evolution for the human consciousness, from a dim self-awareness to one that knows what itself is as a fully functioning human unit, to one that knows that it’s development and the sustaining of not only the human unit, but humanity and the planet as a whole, lies in the expansion and evolution of the human mind.
Humanity’s crux is one of harmony through conflict. Think about it.



We, the kaleidoscopes

IMG_20130421_120120 IMG_20130421_123138

That is all we are I reckon.
All slightly different kaleidoscopes viewing various, distorted shapes of life.
I believe truth is the sum total.
Because our existence and reality is so subjective and our scope of higher-intelligent understanding is so narrow, we tend to collect little shards of truth through life via experiences.
At best we will get a slice –  A lesson of the sum total.

We then try with our conscious and subconscious effort to make sense of these shards of truth,
arranging them as we see fit and what makes sense to our subjective reality.
Due to the fact that at this point in our evolution we are so subjective and individually minded (and largely ego-centric, if you will) that we often forget that the next person experienced a different shard or slice of the sum total of truth to what you, or anyone else has.

As time goes on these collection of slices and shards take personal or subjective shape.
We are continuously shifting and moving pieces next to one another and it often seems random and abstract, because we often don’t get to experience the various wholes of the truth in one life time, but it is no less beautiful.
This kaleidoscope of mismatched, disjointed and Subjective-abstract truth looks incredible.
Full of various colours and shapes and each kaleidoscope sees a different distortion of truth.

As beautiful and entertaining as the expression of each kaleidoscope is, we must bear in mind that it is an illusion and often the real truth lies outside the scope of the kaleidoscope.
Perhaps if we were consciously and willingly to shift our perception and challenge and add to the shards we have each collected, we could put down the kaleidoscope and see reality for what it really is.

So what is my point?
We are individual entities and expressions of truth. We evolve into an individual personality, but it will get to the point where intelligence evolves too. Hopefully at that point more and more will realize with a conscious intelligence that we are individuals part of the sum total, just like we ourselves, on an individual level, are the sum total of our experiences of truth.

IMG_20130421_122940 IMG_20130421_120821

Right now

Right now,
I feel like being sucked up
out into a great abyss of existence.
Where I’m stretched so thin that all of me permeates the universe on every level conceivable.
I want to get a feel for truth.
I want to feel it on the tips of my fingers across light years of nebula and supernova.
I want to close my eyes and fall asleep to the feelings and sounds of existence.
As if it were water
so I can slowly sink and drown in what is.

Higher Intellligence

It does seem intelligence lacks on this planet. Can we really be surprised? Our personalities manifest and are expressions on the physical plane. The tangible plane where all can be perceived and translated. Our society is one that promotes the physical on a whole host of levels.
Intelligence is intangible and thus many lose interest as we are subtly taught that it is not as important as what we can touch, see, hear, smell and taste.
I believe we all potentially have a higher intelligence, one that is above the lower, physical, animal based intelligence that the majority of the world has.
I think our ego is the point of synthesis in our personality that links lower based physical intelligence (or knowledge) to our higher intelligence/consciousness or if you will, soul.

Bullshit? Perhaps. Observe people and really look. See the ones that enforce their personalities and ideals on others, the ones with unbalanced egos? They may have knowledge, but that is no proof of intelligence.

Intelligence is evolutionary and to an extent cannot be rushed. Encouraged it should definitely be, but as with evolution the strongest survive. The ones who try force intelligence would be the ones I would be wary of. I think ego is quite a decent measure of true intelligence.
Eventually intelligence and authentic, soulful expressions will be the norm in the world, through well-balanced egos and personalities.
but for now, we should be concerned with our own egos and what they are preventing us from learning.



Life for me at times is summer camp at 5AM and I am ten years old.
I’m awake.
I tiptoe around sleeping bodies that talk in their sleep.
I remain quiet.
The only other ones awake are the naughty kids.
The ones that dare seek adventure in the dark.
These are the ones I stir with
with whispers and muffled laughter.
The sun is about to rise and we all should want to see it.
The appeal of sleep and dreams are too strong for most of the kids.
So there I sit,
on top of a mountain with kids who dare to play before the light of day,
Just to watch the sunrise.

Call it what you must

It is an all-encompassing white light.

We each are the mirrors, prisms and crystals;

reflecting, refracting and projecting who and what we are.

We complicate the white light by refracting into a spectrum of colours and then

reflect and project beautiful,

chaotic rainbows – a feast for the senses.

The chaos is an effect. An illusion.

It is in essence the same white light that encompasses all.

Peaces of us

So we want peace?

For peace to be propagated, our interactions with each being must be peaceful.
For those interactions to be peaceful, we – the individual, must be peaceful and to be peaceful we have to be at peace with ourselves on an individual level.
The problem is too many of us have unresolved internal conflict because we have been conditioned to think that what is NOT tangible, is not as important as that which can be physically sensed.
If millions of dissonant individuals are interacting can we really expect harmony? Peace is only as strong as its weakest link, and we each are a link.

Despite what you have been “taught” YOU, your every thought and action is the most important thing in physical existence.