Getting back into it

There’s a time and place for everything. Things happen in cycles, so I have noticed. I have not written anything of purpose or anything that I have thought worthy to post. No funny little stories or philosophical poems, but that doesn’t mean my creative streak is dormant. I have recently started getting into my photography a bit more, mainly because I have just started teaching a local high school’s photography club once a week. It has inspired me to pick up my DSLR more frequently. I have also started a personal project with a good mate of mine and I’m finding the creative exchange very rewarding. So I have decided to post a little an example on what we have been working on and hopefully the momentum carries on, because what we have in mind is exciting and something new for us both.
Here’s to being more creative and more purposeful in 2015. Hopefully this year is more rewarding than last. I have emptied myself, lost and said goodbye to so much, now it is time to fill myself up again. Everything feels a bit strange and foreign, like I have forgotten a bit of myself.  It’s sometimes difficult to see ourselves for who and what we really are.  Everyone has their own path to make, and I’m slowly making mine…

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‘The Creative’ – Burlesque dancer (Feat. Miss Diva DisaStar)

The way in which we choose to express ourselves is so very important.  To be able to exercise imagination and create is one of the few ways, I believe, ultimate truth propagates, provided your intention is pure.

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This next creative –the burlesque dancer – is not just a dancer.  I know what some of you may think, but don’t.  This Diva is no tacky go-go dancer.  She is a choreographer, organizer, teacher and seamstress, which she is responsible for the entire troupe’s wardrobe.  She takes her ideas and inspiration and follows them till she has molded a show complete with singing, dancing and costumes.  She has taken her passion, which to many I suppose may seem a little different, and has nurtured it into The Black Orchid Beasties.  Not only do they perform sexy, entertaining shows, but they also teach the art of burlesque to the interested. An amazing, hard-working creative, living her passion whilst teaching and sharing with others.  Genuine people doing good things, isn’t that what it should be about?

Go check them out! and go find them on Facebook –


‘The Creative’ – Hairstylist (Feat. Melissa Angelique Pretorius)

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Creativity comes in all shapes and forms, not just limited to the ‘arts’.  Hair.  An extension of us; a way we express ourselves.  To be creative with a living extension of another person is something quite amazing.  I never gave it much thought before and dismissed most of it as a haircut.  Hair is personal and many of us prefer a style that we have in mind or stay to a style that we think suits us.  A creative hairstylist has it all mapped out by the time they look at your face, the endless possibilities are rushing around their mind.

Meet Melissa.  An extraordinary hairstylist who will not only make you look and feel like a million bucks, but also puts on spectacular hair shows.  With creations that are surreal and out of this world, she is anything but boring.  She likes different, new and creative and is most definitely not a cliché.  To witness her in her creative element is really something.  100% focused on the final result and the love for her craft is blatantly evident.

Go find Melissa!  Awesome artist and equally as important – an awesome person!  Melissa works for Cadillac Barbie hair and tattoo studio and Moments in time hair and beauty.

Twitter: @BondageXBarbie


One Small Seed Profile page:


Shooting through…

As I have mentioned before, this little blog is to help encourage me to photograph more and hopefully photograph a variety of subjects and themes, whilst hopefully defining my own style.  But it’s not just about photographing more.  It’s also about trying to see a subject differently.  I enjoy looking at your regular, everyday objects and really try to see it differently to what others might see.

These few photographs are the subjects we pass, see and use without thought.  They may entertain us visually for a few moments, so I’ve captured images of what we would see through these everyday objects…

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For those who are not sure what I was shooting through, they were: peep-hole, kaleidoscope and another camera.

“The Creative” – Tattoo Artist (Feat. Raoul Goetze)

This is first in a series I call “The Creative”.  What I hope to do is photograph people in their artistic, creative element.  Capturing that moment of creativity, and witnessing their creation at work.

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There is nothing quite like being creative.  From the time that light bulb went off in your head and sparked that initial idea.  You focus in, slowly peeling away at your idea – discarding what you don’t like, keeping what you do.  Over time you see your creation grow ever more closer to completion.  As time moves along you notice old ideas give rise to new better ones, and slowly you see your creative work take form and shape till finally you are left with a magnificent sculpture of creativity.  You step back and look at your initial idea; all the unwanted chiselled away leaving you with your final creation and an incredible sense of accomplishment.  YOU made this out of nothing.  Just an idea.  Now THAT is extraordinary!

Check out Raoul at Wildfire tattoos in Longstreet or check out  Please also check out his personal website,