Push n pull

You feel it don’t you? That magnetism beneath and within your material body. That indescribable, subtle feeling that you can’t put your finger on, but its effects are very much felt and witnessed. I feel it. Because it is so subtle and intangible, it gives me the illusion that nothing can be done about this unidentified cause of feeling. It’s the subjective battlefield we all are fighting on and this war cannot be won on the dense, physical plane. This conflict will only be resolved on the plane of intelligence; the mental wrestling of our internal, subjective turmoil. It is separate from any other’s war, but believe me, the effects of this internal, spiritual, if you will, will be felt, seen and experienced in our conscious physical life.

I have found creativity to be a tool to help instill a balance to this inner turmoil. The whole process of creativity, if you think about it, is incredible, beautiful and symbolic. The process of creativity itself is peppered with analogous concepts of life and evolution. Art and creativity then becomes something more than just a pleasing, objective expression. If done “correctly” (and I use this term loosely, as I believe there is no such thing as “correct” art or a “correct” expression) and if the mind is involved equally as much as the mechanical motions to objectively create art, it becomes a tool for healing, and with the risk of sounding like an acid-dropping hippie, a means to expand our individual consciousness and this, I believe, adds (or detracts) to the collective human consciousness.

I like to think of creativity as a form of purposeful, intentional activity; activity with a purpose. I have various tools or outlets for my creativity and each one has various effects and results. My main outlets for creativity are reading, writing, photography and music.
Is reading creative? I guess that depends on how and what you read. Reading is more associated with entertainment, but I say it too can be creative. I have found each one of these outlets work efficiently in different times for different means. I have found in periods of inactivity reading works best. I find myself like a sponge, drawing in on other’s perception and understanding – something to challenge my thought and understanding. I find when I am ready and filled with this external inspiration and aspiration my other tools are at the ready to help me comprehend and objectively and creatively have my artistic say of the condition of my personal internal struggle.

As some of you know I thoroughly enjoy writing my piece of mind, and there are periods where that facet of me is inactive, such as it has been recently. The focus of my expression has shifted lately and my photographic facet has taken over. I have paid attention to my photography, slowly improving my craft as well as finding my own unique expression within this art form.
So I decided to create a new blog; A new life for my photography. I felt it unfair to try fit all expressions within this blog as this blog has evolved into a life of its own and I fully intend to keep on exploring it. For those of you who are interested in my photographic side of my expression, please do visit my site and follow. It is still in its infancy and will hopefully grow and flourish as this blog has done. I’m feeling a change too, so I am looking at revamping this blog and giving it a new look and feel.

If you are interested, please check out my new photography blog and portfolio here.

May you all identify when life pushes and pulls you and make the choice right for you, because there is no right and wrong only consequences. Such is the duality of cause and effect, a concept we cannot escape in this material life. Try ride life’s crests and troughs best you can…

Love’s artists


I believe to love is to be creative, a true art. To love, you have to be an artist and to be an artist, you have to live as one. What an art it is to create and maintain something one cannot see. What we feel as love is, I believe, a physical manifestation of love – the unseen. I feel too many have become overly fond of just the physical manifestation, that they rarely give thought & power to the unseen. Our senses rule this world & the obsession of it somewhat & somehow makes us blind. To follow your heart is to love; to love is to create and to create makes you an artist. I guess the question is; are we willing to live an artists life?

The extiction of the art of creativity







It seems like all the good things in the world are steadily becoming extinct. The art of creativity, too, is heading for certain death.

There was a time when creativity and art could roam and graze the world freely, but as always, man with his infinite knowledge and lack of wisdom has found ways to better creativity, ultimately domesticating what should be free.

Creativity is a wild animal, beautiful to behold and not limited to genetics. Creativity is free and able to procreate with other disciplines to create a new hybrid.

But we have created a reality that cannot propagate creativity. We have turned it into a show to benefit self with nothing more than money and narcissism. The art no longer lies within the creativity, but in the methods of making money, which is now a science.

There are a few reserves in the world looking after the interest of various arts and creativity, but still too few.

Many are now happy to domesticate their creativity severely just so they can show it off in the media circus. Look how the corporate ring-masters make the artist’s creativity jump through fire hoops and do tricks for the public’s amusement! What a sight! How sad it is to know people will only know the beauty of creativity by visiting the media circus. Many will never experience an interaction with wild creativity. How long will it take before creativity is extinct? How long will it be until the last surviving art dies in captivity? Then what will art and creativity mean?

If the world has taught me anything, it is that everything is free. Free-will is a cosmic gift, it is how we are able to learn. Let your creativity, which is you, be free. It is all free. Social conditioning has us believing otherwise.




A lesson of creation…

My imagination a clean pane of thick glass,

a clean canvas.

Both awaiting destruction.

It starts with a thought, a spark ignites.

With the right intention the spark will drive the thought to impact.

If both the thought and intention behind it are strong enough, the glass will crack

causing it to spiderweb,

opening my imagination to new cracks leading to new ideas.

Each brush stroke leads to the next, filling out the canvas.

Slowly building the image stroke by stroke.

Never to be a clean canvas again.

Never again to be a clean pane of glass.


I cannot help but think of the irony – the price for the creation is a destruction.

There is beauty in that destruction.

Perhaps a subliminal lesson in duality?

Is there perhaps a price for creating – a give and take?

Perhaps there is a duality in everything,

but for a duality to exist balance must be achieved.

Finding that balance is in itself an art.

Alone in expression


Left alone with your thoughts. A barrage of thoughts, running amok behind your eyes. You sit alone in solitude to make sense of the chaos. The experience of life gives rise to these thoughts and begs your attention to make some sense. To make sense, one needs to express that inner barrage of thought through the use of positive outlet; a way to interact with thought.

Bored am I of the age of production. I welcome and usher in a new age of expression, an age of individuality where we don’t offend or defend physically, but challenge each other intellectually without the worry of physical actions to subdue or to dictate our expression and creativity.

I welcome the breakaway from popular, commercial and mainstream in order to express your unique experience through an expression of your choice. It is time to leave the herd and stray from the organization. We don’t need to belong to a religion, social group or political party to have a place in the world. You can find it on your own…