A letter to my sum total

Dedicated to the desolation of Smaug…

My dearest Heart and Body,

I felt as though I should write you both this letter before we endure this journey together. I am the eldest of us and I’ve been through this process before, and I feel that perhaps these words will some how help prepare us in some unconscious way, at some point in the future.

The three of us are all separate beings, yet at the same time, we are one. We exist in a realm of free will (to some extent) and even though I have experienced this before, it is different and I too will be learning new lessons because of the two of you. Together we make up a dynamic being, both seen and unseen. We are a balance of our separate selves – a synergy, but believe me there will be times where one of us will be predominant and take lead. We will all have countless chances and we will all learn and share from each others mistakes and glories – this is what pushes and evolves us through the consequences of those results, but remember we experience it all together. We will each feel the effects of each others choices and actions. At times we may even betray each other unknowingly as we each speak different languages. You won’t understand it at first, but conditions and environment play a major part in our dynamic and being, and we each will want to react differently. Hopefully over time we will become more in tune with one another and realize we are bigger than our separate selves, then hopefully truth will shine through like a back-lit canopy casting light sparingly on the shadows of our periphery. In time hopefully we become brighter – that is my hope for us.

To my heart, you are the most sacred of things in this life, the being we want to protect the most as you are the most fragile yet malleable. Our dear Body fears for your fragility and I fear of the potential of your malleability. This will eventually cause us to disagree on certain topics and affect our decisions which we choose together and experience together. Heart, you will experience the brunt of our choices, the effect of which has the ability to shape, mend and bend you, even to the point of shattering. The effects on you affects our Body and myself in different ways. The way in which you shape is incredibly important to the sum total of us. You will break, bend and mend to varying degrees, on seemingly differing levels of importance. You must be aware of the shape you cool yourself into, because sometimes you will bend into a shape that causes cuts and wounds and if, like metal, you cool down into that serrated shape it becomes difficult to cause a fire and heat in order to be able to mend and round your vicious edges. Sometimes you may bend unwillingly, unknowingly or naively into a shape you don’t like or other hearts, bodies and souls may not like. Sometimes you won’t know any better and are at the mercy of elements in the realm of our Body. Our Body should look after you, but it too is its own being and has free will. Sometimes our Body may betray us in moments of weakness, but we should not be too hard on it as we are responsible for its conditioning. We are a dynamic synergy and we are responsible as a whole, even though we are separate free-willed beings. The catch, my dear Heart and Body, is that to learn, condition and evolve each of ourselves together as one, requires experiences which predominantly takes place in the realm of our dear and fearless Body. That is where our Body is king, just as emotion is your realm, Heart, and ideals are mine. We work separately and as one – I cannot stress this enough.

To my fearless Body, you are our doorway to the collective reality of this life. You are the youngest and less experienced of the three of us and your conditioning and quality of life is largely mine and our Heart’s responsibility. Remember, you have free will and sometimes you will not always abide to our wishes. You and our heart share a close relationship, one that I will not always understand, and I know there will be times when the two of you will conspire against me and my ideals. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, like every being in existence. I have a foresight that the two of you won’t necessarily be able to recognize and due to the lack of foresight the two of you share, you will rebel and we will lose balance within our dynamic. Hopefully we learn in those times of crises. The only way to regain balance is for the three of us to come to an unspoken compromise that can only be attained in time, experience and sacrifice. We should become purposeful and disciplined but at the same time we cannot be overly hard on ourselves and each other, as evolution takes time and to evolve means learning and to learn means the destruction of one ideal and the creation of a new, better one. That is where I serve the both of you. Within my realm time is an illusion and that is something the both of you will struggle to understand. Time is a necessity for evolution and because you don’t posses the foresight and understanding I have, the effect of time is different for you and it will cause you to make decisions and act out in ways that may not be intended, and this is where Karma works. Karma is an extraneous force and being, which the three of us won’t fully understand, but it is necessary for everyone’s evolution. No human or being of any kind is exempt from its laws. We may at times like it, or not like it but it is there. It is not about winning or losing, but learning and understanding which makes Karma one of the greatest teachers, should we be able to see and identify when it is at work…and it is always working.

Dear Body, you are physically the strongest and you bare the brunt of living in the accepted collective reality and therefore you are perceived more real than your Heart and I – this is your weakness. You have an ego and it often tells you that you are the only one that matters, this hurts your heart and myself, because there will be countless times that your ego will get in the way and distort whatever limited foresight you have, causing you to make decisions without your heart and I having any say. This is to be expected, but also realize that is not necessarily who you are. You are part of a sum total of three – you, your heart and me. Those moments of crises will come, where bad judgment and vulnerability will cause you to manifest actions that will affect not only you, but me and our precious heart too, even the hearts of other beings can be affected by your actions.
Body, you are powerful and your actions are powerful, so be careful how you express yourself as it has very real effects on us and on others. Having said that, it is mine and our Heart’s responsibility to teach and condition you and hopefully sooner rather than later your ego will wane and you will know there is more than you – that there is more than just the three of us. Sometimes we will forget that.
The past does matter and so do consequences. Why does it matter? It matters because the past, with the aid of Karma and consequences, teaches us and hopefully we learn. Hopefully I never fail the both of you with my ideals that you cannot see. Heart, hopefully with my ideals and lessons of consequences, Karma and the past, you shape yourself into a beautiful shape that is unwavering yet compassionate. This shape that you create yourself into colours and conditions our beloved body and your shape, my dearest Heart, is more so my responsibility than our Body’s. I will try not fail you, as I hope that the both of you don’t fail me, and when we do fail one another, be loving, compassionate and understanding and learn from our mistakes. We are an ecosystem. I am you and you are me, we are one, even though each of us are free.

Here’s to our voyage, to our glories, our failures and the lessons and consequences each one brings and as time passes may it bring us closer together making us evermore one, not only with each other, but with those other ecosystems and sum totals that are in existence. To those other ecosystems and sum totals of bodies, hearts and souls that may feel our effects negatively, we are truly sorry and remorseful.

Here’s to the journey, may we become more evolved and better equipped as it unfolds. I love you all.

All my love


Love. Attraction. Free will.

The truth about love lies in its quality and nature, which I believe is magnetism and free will. The attraction by itself doesn’t qualify as love. That is the effect it has. For there to be true love, free will must be abound.
The attraction is the effect, but for love to complete its duality and combine as one, self-sacrifice must be practised.  Self-sacrifice arises from free will – a free willingness to be in love and with love. Once this is acknowledged, accepted and practised, true love will manifest. And just like magnets they will be naturally drawn together and naturally bonded. The bond depends on the magnets. Some magnets are stronger than others.
The truth about human love is that there is no special person just for you. We are all like magnets. We are all capable to repel and attract on various levels and intensities. That attraction cannot be qualified as love. When self-sacrifice arises from that free will to be with another because you share a physical, emotional and mental bond, then the law of cause and effect or give and take can take effect. It brings about a marriage and a bond. A duality – The one becomes two and the two become one.
I suppose the quality of the connection depends on the kind of magnet you are.

The extiction of the art of creativity







It seems like all the good things in the world are steadily becoming extinct. The art of creativity, too, is heading for certain death.

There was a time when creativity and art could roam and graze the world freely, but as always, man with his infinite knowledge and lack of wisdom has found ways to better creativity, ultimately domesticating what should be free.

Creativity is a wild animal, beautiful to behold and not limited to genetics. Creativity is free and able to procreate with other disciplines to create a new hybrid.

But we have created a reality that cannot propagate creativity. We have turned it into a show to benefit self with nothing more than money and narcissism. The art no longer lies within the creativity, but in the methods of making money, which is now a science.

There are a few reserves in the world looking after the interest of various arts and creativity, but still too few.

Many are now happy to domesticate their creativity severely just so they can show it off in the media circus. Look how the corporate ring-masters make the artist’s creativity jump through fire hoops and do tricks for the public’s amusement! What a sight! How sad it is to know people will only know the beauty of creativity by visiting the media circus. Many will never experience an interaction with wild creativity. How long will it take before creativity is extinct? How long will it be until the last surviving art dies in captivity? Then what will art and creativity mean?

If the world has taught me anything, it is that everything is free. Free-will is a cosmic gift, it is how we are able to learn. Let your creativity, which is you, be free. It is all free. Social conditioning has us believing otherwise.




A very black Tuesday

It’s on everyone’s mind and on the tip of our tongues.  The secrecy bill.  It’s been passed and everyone is unproudly South African.

The long walk to freedom didn’t end with Mandela, but merely started and in hind sight it seems as if we have taken a huge step backward.  What does the secrecy bill mean for us?  Well I’m pretty sure life will go on as per usual, but you will notice small cracks and tell-tale signs that will hint that something is not right.  Fast forward a couple of years or even months and you will see that there is something very wrong.

Imagine you are a journalist.  One morning you find a large envelope on your desk.  You open it to find documents and evidence of several political leaders and cabinet ministers involved in several illegal activities.  This secrecy bill states that you, the holder of evidence, are a criminal along with the person who passed the evidence on to you; and if you are found with the evidence you will be charged.  What do you do?

This is what our newspaper editors and journalists are now faced with, thanks to the passing of this bill.  This bill suppresses the truth so that we, the public, live our lives in ignorance.  Ultimately this means the government can take hard-earned tax payer’s money and exploit it as they wish and imprison those in their way and we will be none the wiser.

The irony of this is that the majority are opposed this bill.  Is that democracy?  The term democracy has lost all meaning.  One just needs to read news from around the world, democracy does not exist.  But to keep citizens ignorant of the truth is inhumane.  We were born with free-will and this bill takes some of it away.  Who’s to say they won’t control what is broadcast and read?  Knowledge is powerful, because with knowledge we can make choices, but they are taking that power of free-will away by keeping us ignorant.  We really do need to stand up together against this.  This is not alright and they cannot do as they want.  We out-number them.  They are supposedly in power because they were voted in; they serve our well-being.  We are their boss and we are able to take their responsibility away.

This bill has passed, but it will still need to go through the constitutional court.  There is still time and we CAN still make a difference.  Don’t stand for this, demand your freedom…