Instantaneous living

This instant gratification that we strive for is damaging. It’s leading us to daily impatience due to our expectation, which is based on our ability to get more things done faster – thanks a great deal to technology. Although these things that have sprouted from our creative minds to fill a space to suit a task and improve it are great and wonderful, but it shouldn’t mean that we should adopt a motto of : ‘we have the ability, so therefore we must’. This attitude, I believe, is far more dangerous than we like to think.

Technology is at a place where things are being improved at a steady rate and because it is seen as helpful, our perception of these gadgets and abilities also shift with them. It is allowing us to accomplish more and more in less time and that eventually becomes standardized, setting the bar for the masses to follow. Doing more things in less time is great, but to what end?
When demands are constantly met, expectation no doubt eventually also creeps in. When there is a new breakthrough allowing for even more things to be done in even less time (which may eventually become the norm) expectation will also shift. It will get to the point where we demand the impossible out of people and due to our expectation of the ‘standard’  we will eventually make it impossible for ourselves to be human.

Add to this the fear of our mortality, our safety and thus our dependability on money. This creates an illusion of time. If this instantaneous obsession becomes the norm, then we begin to fear that we are running out of time. So we do more with gadgets that allow us to do still more in that time. Eventually we spend the majority of our waking life in a career we didn’t necessarily want, all to make some money to create a personal life we spend a fraction of time living. This pressure of the illusion of time causes stress in many people’s lives and that stress expresses itself  as discomfort and dis-ease in the human unit (both mentally, emotionally and physically), much of which is unnecessary.

We need to practice intelligent moderation and balance. Life is dynamic and is forever changing and we do need to move with it, but all in moderation. We need to show control and intelligent balance demands the greatest of control, for one needs to know when to make a willing sacrifice for the well-being of not only the single human unit, but for humanity in general.

Concept of evolution of the subtle, intangible planes


When we think of evolution we tend only to think in terms of man evolving from ape to modern day Homo Sapiens. This can and is debated to death with different religious views etc. I ask you to briefly put those thoughts to one side as I entertain the idea of evolution with relevance to consciousness and those subtle, intangible planes of existence.

Everything evolves, even a thought. A thought can evolve to the point where it is no longer just alive in the invisible mind stuffs, but can eventually gain enough momentum and enough gravity for that initial idea to create a physical effect and manifest.


The same can be said for the single human unit’s consciousness, and if we expand, the same goes for the human consciousness as a collective or a mass sum. I believe we still know far too little about our ancient past and the so called ‘facts’ we know are so varied that it leaves the average person confused, so they believe what they are taught in our educational institutions, which I am sad to say is flawed.
Whether we did evolve from ape or if there was a cross synthesis between two or more species/sub-species or whatever, evolution still played a roll.
Physical discoveries based on observation is the most basic way of learning. Through observing patterns and repetition in nature, our earliest ancestors took these discoveries to heart and implemented whatever system to use for the better of self or their community.
Even the systems that were based on their observations evolved. The system gets implemented as often as possible because it is seen as benevolent. Eventually the system evolves to the point where we become so use to it that it becomes common place and eventually over time the general population of the future generations may forget the reason for the initial system, and then the system becomes that unwavering truth that they have benefited from for generations.


Because that initial idea (which evolved into whatever system) has become so evolved and because it has done so slowly over many decades and generations, the community often does not see the small changes and cracks the system makes over time, not only to the physical life of the community, but also the mental and even emotional life of each human unit and the collective as a whole. Each unit interprets everything slightly differently. This obviously has consequences between individual human units and also similar minded units who congregate into ‘organizations’. So often these ‘organizations’ are at the heart of conflict, even though each unit within these organizations sits ever so differently on the scale of the true ideal that the organization centers itself around, even though the views of this future generation is based on the understanding of their elders/ancestors of that initial idea/system.
If the current generations are unaware and not conscious of the changes and cracks that every system is bound to produce (whatever it may be) and we continue blindly with the initial system because the result is easier to see because perhaps it is more tangible, then the cracks and changes on the more subtle planes (i.e Emotional and mental) will continue to grow. When the unseen forces/energies continue evolving in one way and the physical system doesn’t change to ‘counteract’ these new or different variables into the system and synthesize them practically then the physical form will eventually break…only to eventually reform and rebuild – such is the concept of evolution.


We have evolved physically to the point where we are authorities on this planet. We are in a place of power where we are able to change an idea, ideals and even realities in pretty significant ways. What prevents us at the moment, I think, is that the majority isn’t at the point of a mental evolution where we don’t only just concern ourselves with the individual unit, but also concern ourselves as a collective entity, that of a human consciousness. The majority has mastered existing in physical life but struggle on the emotional and mental sides of life. These subtler planes, I believe, are important as everything physical is born from the intangible consciousness or mental plane. Once enough human units have shifted from a very physical, egocentric state of mind to one that incorporates not only one of self, but also one that includes the collective, then one will see more of a positive change for humanity and eventually the planet. I feel that this is the direction of evolution for the human consciousness, from a dim self-awareness to one that knows what itself is as a fully functioning human unit, to one that knows that it’s development and the sustaining of not only the human unit, but humanity and the planet as a whole, lies in the expansion and evolution of the human mind.
Humanity’s crux is one of harmony through conflict. Think about it.



Tis the season…

I was asked what I would like for Christmas.
I shrugged my shoulders in silence, but my heart confessed loudly:

I want to share an electric night-time kiss
and see it shimmy on the water’s surface.
I want to feel the pull of her gaze on my eyes in a full room,
yet she is the only one I see.
I want to feel the spark of that touch that sets off every landmine under my skin
As if I were Braille and her fingertips read exactly the way I feel.
I want to see her thoughts in pictures
so I can decorate my mind’s wall with frames of her.
I want to lock hands like lips
and speak pieces of ourselves,
filling each other like red balloons
purposely let go by the hand of a child that knows only how to love.
I want to feel a delicate hand over the humming-bird beneath my chest,
that somehow calms me, yet causes the beating wings to beat even harder
yearning for escape
and it does.
I want to open the ribs of my cage and let the choruses of starlings sing,
just so the world around me can hear what love really sounds like.
I want that sound to infect others
like I was an un-zombie, kissing bits of humanity back into you.
And all this I want for everyone.

My mouth then opened and I replied:
“I would like a notebook to scribble down my thoughts.”

Wishing all the followers and occasional readers the safest and merriest of festivities as the year draws to an end. The bestest of wishes for you all.

Merriest Christmas (or however you like to celebrate the last days of the year)

The Observing Vessel


A far way to go…


We still have a far way to go.
We love to wage wars even if we are armed with nothing but opinions.
We feel we are entitled to them, but seldomly do we sacrifice it for peace.
We weild them like daggers, cutting little slivers of truth from out one another until we are all left bleeding out on the floor.
It is about choosing our battles, because truth is almost always too big for our hearts to hear.
So we do what we can in our capacity, and that capacity is different for each personality.

A thought on humanity

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Where is it? What is it?  The humanity I know and believe in exists in a diluted form.  I feel that we have become so desensitized that it has, to a certain extent, affected our humanity and our interaction with one another.  War, famine, crime and poverty are something that we are now accustomed to.  We see it in our cities and in the news on a global scale.  We have taken these negative concepts and made them into movies for entertainment and I do believe that to some degree it has desensitized our society.  This mixed with our current fast paced lifestyle where we want things done yesterday and we want to see results instantaneously, has left us impatient and uncompassionate.

Lately I have heard quite a few people complain about the begging and informal trading that happens at robots in our cities and suburbs.  Yes, I agree it can become a nuisance and some of these hawkers and beggars do try their luck.  And yes I do believe that government, to a large degree are responsible for taking care of these people.  It is basic humanity that a government looks after its people, right? Right.  But what about us as an individual?  Are we also not responsible for our fellow human being?  I understand that over-population and poverty are both at an all time high.  It is impossible to help everyone.  I’m not saying help everyone, but the way in which you interact with others has a greater effect than you may think.  Intention says a lot.

The next time you find yourself getting impatient at someone who is asking for help, put yourself in their shoes.  If they had a choice I doubt they would want to be standing at a robot begging you for your spare change.  Whatever the choices they made in life, whether good or bad, they made those choices and now they are living their consequences,  just like you have made choices.  No doubt you have also made some bad decisions?  Begging is the easiest way they found of making some money or getting food.  Have a little compassion and treat and speak to them as an equal.  No one is better than another, and if you think differently, how arrogant are you?

A lot of us brush these humble people aside and thus we create social outcasts.  We don’t like them getting in our way, because they annoy us.  Where has the humanity gone?  Why do we find their misfortune irritating and annoying?  Are we too much up our own arse to have a sliver of compassion for someone less fortunate than ourselves?  Are we so impatient and uptight that we cannot even afford courtesy?  Shame on us.  Shame on us for expecting government, “leaders” and charities to deal with the people who society has labeled a pariah.  And why? Because they have very little material wealth?  Society has failed them.  But who is society?  I’m sorry to say that WE are society.  We are responsible.  If we treat the people around us we call society with respect, compassion and kindness, this world will be a better place.

Thought and emotion will eventually be released into a physical action.  Have the self-awareness and self-control to command your feelings, thoughts and emotions into a positive physical action.  For every action there is a reaction.  The way you interact with another, ultimately affects them.  The way you treat them will either make them feel good or bad.  Why make someone else feel bad?  Be a leader yourself and make this place we are living in a better place instead of bitching and complaining because it doesn’t suit our materialistic, fast-paced lifestyle. Instead of always relying on authorities to serve us, we should be serving each other.  Be a leader and stop being another lazy sheeple.

If you are familiar with the Claremont/Rondebosch/Newlands area, you may notice the man in the photographs.  I have lived in Claremont my whole life and I have seen this man for at least 15 years walking from place to place.  If you have seen him you will notice he talks to himself, but should you engage in conversation with him he is not “insane” by any means.  In all those years I have not seen him ask or beg for anything.  He just walks.  I’ve seen him with shoes the one day and barefoot the next, but still I never see him beg.  He is always grateful for anything he is given and has always been polite.  I think its beyond a lot of people that he can still smile and seem happy, despite his situation.  He doesn’t have the luxuries many of us have, yet ironically he is free from the vices we have become dependent on.  He has no debt, no cell phone.  His life is a life of survival.  Is that the price of freedom?  What is freedom to you?  I think you will find the more you think about the more you will discover that freedom is subjective.  Is freedom fact? Or is it just an idea?  I let you decide…