Care so much so you don’t care at all…

I think you have to care and give a shit about something (or someone) so fucking much that you believe with every fiber in your being that you can only be that which you believe and know to be, through your day-to-day life with everyday deeds, to the point that what others believe is irrelevant to your being (unless you choose for it to be) and you start not unnecessarily concerning yourself with the opinions of others, and because you know yourself so well, you allow others to be what they want to believe themselves to be, because at the end of the day they are exactly like you – so incredibly unique and different, just like everybody else who ever existed…



How the quest for perfection has taken hold. We ever strive to better what is current, but to what end? What is it about perfection that has mankind hooked? We all too easily chase perfection, unawares of the beauty of imperfection. A duality  no doubt that needs balance. Is it perhaps not the imperfections that gives interest? Perfection can only be one way – perfect. But imperfections can be infinite. So, what is it you prefer? Endless possibilities or a definite perfection?

I am imperfect, you should be too

Exception to the rule

Exception to the rule…

I have before seen an Exception to the rule.

A breath of fresh air.

It dances with confidence;

nothing less than exceptional,

nothing more than itself.

It’s very existence is possibility,

the very thought challenges the imagination

inspiring others to rise out of the bedlam;



Branded impossible, a coincidence.

It makes the life of an Exception that much harder.

Such passing thoughts give power to the rule,

none to the Exception.

Often it is the Exception that radiates inspiration;

an inspiration to aspire to become more than just common.

An aspiration to become an exception, not a rule.


© Observing Vessel