We, the kaleidoscopes

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That is all we are I reckon.
All slightly different kaleidoscopes viewing various, distorted shapes of life.
I believe truth is the sum total.
Because our existence and reality is so subjective and our scope of higher-intelligent understanding is so narrow, we tend to collect little shards of truth through life via experiences.
At best we will get a slice –  A lesson of the sum total.

We then try with our conscious and subconscious effort to make sense of these shards of truth,
arranging them as we see fit and what makes sense to our subjective reality.
Due to the fact that at this point in our evolution we are so subjective and individually minded (and largely ego-centric, if you will) that we often forget that the next person experienced a different shard or slice of the sum total of truth to what you, or anyone else has.

As time goes on these collection of slices and shards take personal or subjective shape.
We are continuously shifting and moving pieces next to one another and it often seems random and abstract, because we often don’t get to experience the various wholes of the truth in one life time, but it is no less beautiful.
This kaleidoscope of mismatched, disjointed and Subjective-abstract truth looks incredible.
Full of various colours and shapes and each kaleidoscope sees a different distortion of truth.

As beautiful and entertaining as the expression of each kaleidoscope is, we must bear in mind that it is an illusion and often the real truth lies outside the scope of the kaleidoscope.
Perhaps if we were consciously and willingly to shift our perception and challenge and add to the shards we have each collected, we could put down the kaleidoscope and see reality for what it really is.

So what is my point?
We are individual entities and expressions of truth. We evolve into an individual personality, but it will get to the point where intelligence evolves too. Hopefully at that point more and more will realize with a conscious intelligence that we are individuals part of the sum total, just like we ourselves, on an individual level, are the sum total of our experiences of truth.

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Peaces of us

So we want peace?

For peace to be propagated, our interactions with each being must be peaceful.
For those interactions to be peaceful, we – the individual, must be peaceful and to be peaceful we have to be at peace with ourselves on an individual level.
The problem is too many of us have unresolved internal conflict because we have been conditioned to think that what is NOT tangible, is not as important as that which can be physically sensed.
If millions of dissonant individuals are interacting can we really expect harmony? Peace is only as strong as its weakest link, and we each are a link.

Despite what you have been “taught” YOU, your every thought and action is the most important thing in physical existence.

What would I do?

I don’t believe in government. I suppose this makes me sound somewhat of an anarchist. Perhaps. I believe people should be able to able to govern themselves. I say SHOULD be able to, but realistically this is highly improbable. But I have to ask myself why? Why can’t people govern themselves or display enough self-control not to harm another or randomly murder innocent souls? Are they insane?

My deduction as to why people cannot govern themselves, is because we live in a society with systems that won’t allow it. We are a society of dependent sheep, even though in actuality, we are not. We are individuals. Unfortunately the majority of us are individuals that have given our individual power to “leaders”.

Leaders are great. Leaders lead by example, inspiring others to do similarly – not the same. The problem is that we forget and we get lazy. We become use to leaders leading, that so many find it comfortable following. Whether it is intended or not, if people continue to copy and follow the leader, it gives the leader power, making them an authority. By the greater majority copying the leader, instead of following and being inspired, they give away their individuality and their power contained within.  As soon as the majority start doing as the leader does/says, it becomes a government.

The role of a leader is to lead, not indefinitely, but to show others a way or an idea, possiblities. It is not to tell, dictate or command; but to show, nurture and inspire. So, if I had any say in how things were run in a country, would that not be me governing others? Perhaps, but I also believe in patience and the evolution of actions. So, what would I do?

Well if peace is what the world desires, then one cannot be surrounded and exposed to violent ideas and solutions. I wouldn’t seek council from the military. Their business is war, and nothing positive can come from being exposed to ideas of a violent nature. I would rather seek the insights from philosophers, scientists and great thinkers – problem solvers.  From there I would introduce alternative systems that encourages and inspires positively.  Creativity, I feel, is incredibly important for human development. We need systems that encourages balance and self-control. We need systems that encourage the individual to explore, to find truth, not to simply swallow and accept what has been fed.

There are many things that could be done, none of them perfect, but definite improvement. There is no such thing as perfection. It is not perfection we should be striving for, but improvement. We should want to better ourselves, and the only way to be able to do that (not achieve, you cannot achieve perfection as very basis of life is evolution, a constant change that is always occurring) is to be in the right environment with the right conditions. If we develop and employ the right systems and exercise a little patience, our environment and the world will change…and it will continue to change and we should constantly be bringing balance to what is forever changing.

I don’t proclaim that there will ever be a “perfect Utopia”, but I do know that there are changes we can make to change the future. The first requirement for this change, is the change of thought. We cannot evolve or change if we continue with our current conditioned thought. To make a difference we have to think differently. So what would I do to make change? I would like to encourage and inspire thought. Different thought. Your own thought.

So what alternative options are there for us? I have mention this before and I shall mention it again, visit the Venus Project website and have a read of what is possible. 

Alone in expression


Left alone with your thoughts. A barrage of thoughts, running amok behind your eyes. You sit alone in solitude to make sense of the chaos. The experience of life gives rise to these thoughts and begs your attention to make some sense. To make sense, one needs to express that inner barrage of thought through the use of positive outlet; a way to interact with thought.

Bored am I of the age of production. I welcome and usher in a new age of expression, an age of individuality where we don’t offend or defend physically, but challenge each other intellectually without the worry of physical actions to subdue or to dictate our expression and creativity.

I welcome the breakaway from popular, commercial and mainstream in order to express your unique experience through an expression of your choice. It is time to leave the herd and stray from the organization. We don’t need to belong to a religion, social group or political party to have a place in the world. You can find it on your own…


Obsession with wealth

Why is it so many of us are obsessed with wealth? There is nothing wrong wanting to lead a as-comfortable-as-possible life. The question is, what will we do for wealth or money? Money has been something that has been with society for millenia, but I’m sure very few of us know the basic history of money.  We have become so use to it, that we readily complain about it, but rarely take the time to understand how it all came about.

It seems, subconsciously, we have been giving our individual power away to currency to become consumers. Media has cleverly added to the brew by filling our heads with unnecessary fears, needs and solutions. Of course we can always find someone to blame why things are the way they are, but have we become so use to being spoon-fed, that we don’t actually accept responsibility and pass it off to a scapegoat? Unfortunately many of us are blind to realize that power indeed rests within us, the individual, and as individuals we have the responsibility to our choices and decisions. No one can, nor should they, make choices for you. I am a strong believer in free-will.

This is a link to an article I wrote a  few months ago, but never published it. Now seems like a good time. This article briefly explores the history of money and banking and how our moral values got slightly contorted along with history. I hope this article is able to bring a little perspective into our obsession with money and how we possibly surrender our individual morals to be part of the machine. Its called Love of money: A society in decline.