To my dearest Mamma…

Dearest Mamma…

You chose to leave us yesterday, Sunday 20th July, 2014 at 07:50. You left a gaping hole in our lives, your spirit filled so much and I hope that as time goes by, that we may hold on to that spirit because as you and I both know, that is the part that continues to live on.
I was lucky enough to say goodbye seven days before you became too weak to stay awake and I’m so thankful you got to hear me say the things I said. Somehow it just doesn’t seem enough and this is, as you know, my one outlet to express my thoughts.

I am so very proud of you; you were the incarnation of strength, courage, wisdom and kindness of heart. You displayed these qualities through your action and not just words, this made you my greatest teacher. You taught me what it truly means to love unconditionally and the importance of free-will and these things, among the myriads of other lessons you taught me, I will forever remember.
Some may say that your time with us was cut short, and indeed it may seem that way, but I also know you have earned this right to rest. You succeeded everything and more in this life and your spirit is no doubt needed elsewhere, and who am I to want to keep you here for the sake of my selfish wants? You taught me better than that. Even in the face of Death you demonstrated incredible courage and grace to a figure that too many fear.
You loved to laugh and saw the brighter things in life and I won’t let grief prevent me of honoring your spirit of life and love; so my thoughts of you are fond, light and full of unconditional love. I still see you and feel you everywhere and I have an incredible sense of happiness for you and that, Mamma, you thoroughly deserve.

So my dearest Mamma, I say one last goodbye to you. I am going to miss you terribly. Thank you for absolutely everything. I will celebrate your life and not mourn your not being here, you have earned this rest. I am so proud of you, I love and will always carry your light with me.

Rest in Peace Mamma, till we meet again…


I love you, always and forever XXX

Call it what you must

It is an all-encompassing white light.

We each are the mirrors, prisms and crystals;

reflecting, refracting and projecting who and what we are.

We complicate the white light by refracting into a spectrum of colours and then

reflect and project beautiful,

chaotic rainbows – a feast for the senses.

The chaos is an effect. An illusion.

It is in essence the same white light that encompasses all.

Food Photography

I am lucky to assist for a very good photographer, whose specialities include, among others, food photography.   I have had the pleasure of assisting some fantastic shoots, which included fantastic food.  I get to eat our work.  Awesome.  I have learned some neat tricks on food photography, which the photographer I assist, learned from his photography mentor.  Sweet food photography knowledge being passed down.  I have noticed that since I have been blogging, I have not once included a food photograph.  So these are two really rushed shots I took at one of our shoots last week.  I had no tripod and didn’t want to waste too much time on shoot randomly taking photographs on other people’s time.  One of the reasons I havent posted a foodie post yet is because food photography comes down to the food.  It has got to look good and appetizing, hence I took some photographs while I was on shoot.  I knew the food was going to be good aaaaaand I also knew there was going to be a stylist.  Sneaky sneaky.  A food photograph really does make a difference if it is styled well.  It can be the difference between a beautiful tasty photograph or a bland, lifeless, ordinary image. 

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These images were, I’m sorry to say, rushed.  When we shoot we mostly use natural lighting, which can prove to get tricky especially on an overly over-cast day…Like this one.  The shutter speed was quite low and I didn’t want to “grain up” the images with too much of a high ISO.   I found myself shooting on F1.8, which gives you an incredibly narrow depth of field, so the slightest shift in movement could cause an out-of-focus image.  I also lacked a tripod, which many a food photographer will tell you is essential!  So these images may not be pin sharp, but they were the best out of the batch.  The food was far too good to not share at least one or two photographs with you kind people!

Reality? What is reality?

It is topic that has been on my mind lately.  Trying to see the bigger picture and the interconnectedness of everything.  The more I think about it the closer, I feel I get; however more and new questions are spawned.  What is the point?  What is our collective reality?

I took this photograph a while back when I was on a shoot.  In the afternoon, when the sun was high, its light was cast upon a glass bannister.  The shape of the glass acted like a prism, dispersing the sun’s light into its different wavelengths, creating a “rainbow”.  It made me think, this is the sun’s light, and these are the different wavelengths that we can only perceive.  What else can’t we see and hear?

“One light, many colours”

“Until the 20th century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear. Since the initial publication of the charted electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear…is less than one millionth of reality.” excerpt from an Incubus song, New Skin, off the album S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

I found this article very interesting and informative, have a read here if this topic interests you.

Night watch

I haven’t really posted any night photography shots on my blog before, so the other evening I thought I’d quickly snap a scene I thought would be cool.  What originally inspired me to take this picture was the light above the gate and the light of the security hut.  I thought it would make a nice little photograph, balancing them on either side of the scene.  I was hoping to catch the security guard in the hut, but he was obviously out doing his rounds.  A human element would have been awesome.  I wanted to retain as much detail and clarity in this photograph, so I used the trusty ‘ol tripod and kept my ISO down to 100.  The exposure was obviously a good couple of seconds, so it picked up the trail of lights of the cars passing, which I found cool.  I think I’m going to have to take more night-time shots with the tripod…

Morning light

I’m definitely a morning person.  I love the colour of the light and the way it illuminates everything.  I also enjoy the way mornings feel.  Maybe it’s because everyone hasn’t started their day properly and the hustle and bustle is yet to begin.  I took a quick stroll around Long Street the other morning and decided to just take pictures,  something I haven’t done in a while, it was almost as if I had slightly forgotten how to see things.  Ridiculous, I know, but I’m going to force myself to do more of this.  I love the freedom of just observing, looking for a subject to shoot.  The morning light is so warm and beautiful, everything is side lighting and it tends to exaggerate the shadows.  The buildings in town are tall causing half of the streets to be submerged in shadow, while the other half has this beautiful, warm glow to it.   Mornings are for me and sometimes if I over sleep I feel cheated of my mornings.  Even if it is to appreciate the warm early morning glow whilst laying in bed. I still get to enjoy it…

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Self Enlightenment

For far too long have we found others to blame, rarely readily to take and accept responsibility.  Too few exceptions exist.  Self-improvement and enlightenment are words I hear in use but rarely seen in practice.  When we realize we, ourselves, are our own limits; we can grow and expand our consciousness and truly evolve.  It starts with you.  It’s up to you.  Become self enlightened.