Expression, art.

I am a great lover and believer in creating. If done correctly, there is nothing more purer; a slice of your existing truth. Unfortunately, like so many things in life not all that is created is pure.

I am incredibly lucky to have various outlets for creativity. I am a musician, photographer and an aspiring writer and the beauty of these disciplines is that I am able to interlink them. I can express myself individually with them, or I can blend them all together in an expressive project.

I am currently drumming in a new musical project called  Conduit. This project is meaningful to me for a whole host of different reasons. One of those reasons is that  I feel it’s the culmination of my musical journey, the evolution of who I am becoming. It is a band that I can express my rhythmic ideas and concepts in an unthreatening environment, conducive to synergy and cooperative creativity. It has also allowed me to fuse the disciplines of which I enjoy.  This is some photography I am still in the process of doing, for the band. As a group we have no interest of being or creating music that is popular. Our interest lies in expression. Expressing the way we each experience the world, the way we each perceive and understand music, and collectively coming together to create something unique for us. We have a message in both content and action. The way we conduct ourselves and express ourselves is the message.


Where ever I can, I try to be different. I didn’t want the same old posing images that are so common with band photography. This photograph had concept and meaning. A conduit is a channel/medium for conveying. In our case it is music and awareness. We are the conduits, our band is a conduit. We feel our music should speak for itself, and our individual identities are non important.  I decided to shoot a long exposure so the image could ghost with movement. I took another exposure with a much quicker shutter to get definite lines and blended the two images together. Double exposure.  It gives the photograph an ethereal, almost supernatural feel, which goes with the Conduit theme. Nothing more than an expression.

Fun with long exposures

The same evening I took the triptych portraits, I also took a few photographs of the show.  I purposely brought my tripod with me to see what interesting shots I could get using long exposures, keeping the ISO as low as possible to retain as much detail as possible.  The flip side to this is that the shutter speed is going to be a lot slower, especially in a dimly lit room, so movement is going to be captured very easily, giving you ghostly kind of images.  I also played with the zoom lens while the shutter was open, giving pretty cool zoom effects which were exaggerated by the lighting in the room.  Fun fun fun…

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Long exposure – The multi-faceted self

Is it as simple as being one person?  Or is slightly more complex than that? Since birth, life has been a varied assortment of experiences and with every experience something is learned.  After years go by you start to familiarize you with yourself, discovering your likes and dislikes.  You begin to fuel your likes because this makes you happy.  Soon you find out your likes turn to passion and passion becomes inspiration and you pursue it.  But you notice you have a whole hosts of likes and passions, dislikes and peeves.  And within this one person all their results of experiences are kept in balance, and every now and then a facet will dominate ever so slightly, subconsciously egging you on to feed it.