Obsession with wealth

Why is it so many of us are obsessed with wealth? There is nothing wrong wanting to lead a as-comfortable-as-possible life. The question is, what will we do for wealth or money? Money has been something that has been with society for millenia, but I’m sure very few of us know the basic history of money.  We have become so use to it, that we readily complain about it, but rarely take the time to understand how it all came about.

It seems, subconsciously, we have been giving our individual power away to currency to become consumers. Media has cleverly added to the brew by filling our heads with unnecessary fears, needs and solutions. Of course we can always find someone to blame why things are the way they are, but have we become so use to being spoon-fed, that we don’t actually accept responsibility and pass it off to a scapegoat? Unfortunately many of us are blind to realize that power indeed rests within us, the individual, and as individuals we have the responsibility to our choices and decisions. No one can, nor should they, make choices for you. I am a strong believer in free-will.

This is a link to an article I wrote a  few months ago, but never published it. Now seems like a good time. This article briefly explores the history of money and banking and how our moral values got slightly contorted along with history. I hope this article is able to bring a little perspective into our obsession with money and how we possibly surrender our individual morals to be part of the machine. Its called Love of money: A society in decline.

This thing called life.

Well hello strangers! Yes this little blog has been disgustingly neglected, with hardly any posts in the last several weeks. No photographs to show for it, so what the hell have I been doing? Well, I have been evolving, changing, adapting to this crazy thing called life. Work has been incredibly quiet. It is quite shocking to see the digression of the volume of work from three years ago, to today. Perhaps its just me, but photography seems unstable. Even the photographer I assist for, is seeing a lot less work. This has forced me to  explore other avenues of income. The only other avenue that makes sense to me is writing. Over the last several weeks I have been researching and writing, with hopes that some kind of financial door would open. But alas, it feels as though I am in solitary confinement and my claustrophobia is setting in.

I have been doing a fair bit of writing, because the more one does it, the easier it gets. Along with the writing, I have done a lot of thinking, and through this method of thinking and writing, my ideals, morals and opinions have become more focused. I’m seeing the cracks in society, the double standards and I think to myself, no wonder the world is the way it is. To me, it seems every facet of humanity and indeed, life has become corrupt to some degree. The values we think we hold, does not hold true. We live double standards. We believe we have morals and we have the best interest of others at heart, but meanwhile we are so desperate for money, that many of us have no choice but to surrender our ideals for the sake of money, in order to eat and survive. We each are a ripple, and eventually, ripples collide.

At the risk of sounding depressing, what actual freedoms are there left in the world? The only freedom you have in this world, is if you have the money or some kind of material wealth to enforce your freedom. Many don’t have the luxury of money.  Money has corrupted everything, but is it money? Or is it our mentality towards money, power and material wealth? I find it somewhat humorous that money is in fact a made up concept, yet it controls and dictates every one of us. We fear when we don’t have enough money. We get paranoid of those who don’t have money, because they might want ours. We become so paranoid that all we think about are ourselves instead of each other. The systems we live in are designed for divide and conquer. We are too preoccupied in being the consumer slaves, bickering and fighting amongst ourselves, that we forget to see the whole picture.

I’ve chosen to adapt to the system in a way that is as true to myself as I can be. I have no interest in being rich and wealthy, it just breeds more problems. I just want to be free to live and learn life through creative activities, free from threat of eviction, starvation and nonsensical systems that promote isolation and competition. I have started to write online articles with Infobarrel. Hopefully this leads to more, better things. I am going to be sharing various articles on my blog in hopes they get more traffic and readers. The first article I’m going to share with you all, is about money and the problems of our society. What I write is pure observation and personal opinion. Check out this link for my article on Problems in society. 

Freedom day, free mind, free life…

Some of you may know I reside in South Africa, which recently celebrated (27 April) Freedom Day. Freedom day celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections which happened on the same day in 1994. It was definitely a victory for the time, and the more I thought about it, the more questions popped up. On my freedom day, and up until now, I been doing quite a bit of reading, watching documentaries and brushing up on some things I didn’t know. Some of the stuff I came across I knew already, some I didn’t, but it did put a lot ofit into perspective. Yes, perhaps it is a bit depressing reading about the inequalities of the world and how it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible to do anything about it.

When I was in school I had no interest in school work. It was something that I needed to do to try to obtain high marks so I can go study more, blah blah blah. I had no interest in history, reading, researching, occult, politics etc, but now something has happened. I feel like I need to do something. Anything. But what? The only thing I can really do is share information. Share consciousness. Weather you choose to read the information or choose to use it or not use it is entirely up to you. I can’t just sit here and see injustice take a seat on the throne of justice. Information is the most important way for people to make a decision, if that information is corrupt, the decision and the outcome of that corrupt information may have greater implications. Why would anyone want to distribute lies? The main answer to that is money. It is scary to see the implications of money and its capitalistic system. The problem with going up against capitalism is that you automatically get labelled a socialist, communist and even unpatriotic. We must remember that every story has 2 sides to it. It is not wrong to explore both sides of the story. I think what has happened now is that a lot of people are either 1) too distracted with life to care 2) authority scares them into thinking one side of the story is wrong and anyone who thinks otherwise is an enemy of state or 3) We just don’t care and we think “That’s life!” Wrong. This is NOT life.

1994 was supposed to be change for the better, freedom for all.  Where is that freedom? How have things gotten any better? It hasn’t. The fact is things have gotten worse. Not just here in South Africa, but all over the world including the land of the free and home of the brave. I started reading an e-book by an ex-South African who has been living in UK for the past 12 years, and it is a great place to start to get information about political South Africa and its place in the global conspiracy. Many of us know that the South African government, the ANC is incredibly corrupt. My question is what will change if, lets say, the DA comes into power? Im sure there would be change, but would it be enough? Mandela had such great aspirations and ideas to liberate South Africa and its inhabitants. What happened to the freedom charter? What happened to those ideals and ideas? We need to understand that its global politics, every country is at the mercy of those with money, and unfortunately South Africa still owes the IMF a lot of money. We currently owe approximately $109.4 BILLION.

Words like democracy and freedom mean very little these days, but one word that controls and dominates both is capitalism. Capitalism is the new word for politics, for it is money that puts those people in power. Dont you think the rich have an agenda? They love their money because it comes standard with power. Dont be fooled for a second that you and governments have an equal say in how a country is run. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, we are all effected by it. We are sucked into false hopes and promises, it may have made sense at a time but it is no longer relevent anymore. We are so far down the rabbit hole that we have become willing slaves. I urge you to read more, question more and remember every story has two sides. Be mindful of where you get your information, most ofmainstream media is nothing more than propaganda. Remember, the small percentageofwealthy elitesmay have money, but we, the majority of the world have sheer numbers. They cannotdictateand control us indefinitely, the cracks have begun and are now easily visible. It’s up to you to decidewhether youwant to acknowledge the cracks and do something about it, or would you rather have your home become derelict?


The Venus Project…

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco and a Resource Based Economy, but I have noticed a lot of people talking about money and state of the world.  We are indeed living in crazy times with so many problems, yet with so few solutions or possible solutions.  I posted, a couple of months ago, a post about a RBE and attached a site for a pdf which explained and toyed with possibilities that may lead our world to a higher standard of living.

Basically what a RBE and The Venus project aims to do is create a “holisticsocio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival.”

After reading some of the material on their website, I feel this is the way our society needs to go.  The genius behind The Venus Project is Jacque Fresco, a futurist with a background in industrial design and social engineering,  Mr. Fresco has worked as both designer and inventor in a wide range of fields spanning from biomedical innovations to totally integrated social systems.  He understands and sees the possibilities, and he has a genuine good intention in improving all life on our little planet.

The old social model based on a monetary system is rapidly becoming obsolete.  It has given rise to more problems than solutions.  I’m not saying that at first a RBE is going to be perfect, but I do believe it cuts out a lot of unneccessary waste.  But has the majority of the world become too used to and reliant on the monetary system?  Money does symbolize power to many and I’m sure there will be many who wouldn’t readily give it up.  Would you?  Would you be willing to try make a difference and steer our global society into a new era with potentially a lot more freedom?  Personally I know I would.  Our current system is suffocating our potential and it can only take so much stress, before the entire system cracks and shatters.  Einstein once quoted “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

If you too are tired of the rat race, want a new outlook of possibilities for our society, then I highly recommend you do some research into A resource based economy and The Venus Project.  The way we can start to make change is creating awareness of an alternative.  This is what I’m aiming to do with this post.

If you are interested and intrigued, then read up about The Venus Project and RBE here, and sign the petition.