Soak it up

I just want to soak it all up, you know? Especially on days like today. It’s a perfect spring day. One of those days where the sun slowly sets fire to the horizon and ends up burning silhouettes onto walls and cupboards. I want to soak it all up. Sit there and watch the silhouettes and shadows move and dance with time.

Even yesterday, when the skies were grey and the light muted, I still wanted to appreciate the world more. The rains were heavy the night before. In the morning the mountain played with the torrents of water creating waterfalls for the mountain to wear as jewelry. It was a spectacular sight, but one that could only be appreciated for too brief of a moment.

My attention shifted to the commuters and the hordes of people making their way to, and through, the day. The noise was rising. Noisy people making noisy inventions even louder. The collective noise was too loud, blinding my appreciation. So what do I do? I shut off the noise with inventions of my own choice, making it loud for distraction as to wane the “polluted” noise. It’s all about the inventions now. The inventions have made it easier for us to express ourselves by being louder and more visible, but it’s still about the invention. The invention becomes the norm with little thought to the idea and reason behind it. We like tangible. The invention is tangible, yet symbolic of the reason for it.

I want to appreciate the world more. I want to sit and watch the mountain adorn itself with heavy streams of rain, instead of seeing it on an invention’s screen. The symbolic representation of the invention is beautiful, but it is still no replacement for its divine inspiration. It’s not the invention that is bad, at all. It is the attitude towards and the thought behind the use of the inventions that should be on our minds.

We shouldn’t rely too heavily on the inventions for inspiration and appreciation. They do great things, but we should try interact with the concepts and causes behind them just as much as we interact with the invention itself. 


Projections of projections.
Two mirrors in parallel, reflecting each other to infinity.
That is all anything is.
Ripples and echoes of great concepts and archetypes.
Fundamental cosmic truths that become more complex with each ripple giving rise to chaos, which has become this physical manifestation.
The ripples are still there to observe and to learn from.
At the heart of every physical shell and husk resides a great concept. It is inescapable.
It is the cause, we and our existence, are the effect.
It is the reason we are.

Dance of the fallen

Everything has its time. The days were getting shorter, the evenings cooler, even the hue of the sun was slightly different. Autumn approached and this was the time for the fallen to play.

For most of the season many of them stayed attached to their mothers. She nourished them lovingly, making them strong and beautiful. Things change, as do the seasons. It was time for them to leave their mothers – their final pilgrimage. Many travelled on the breath of the wind, exploring streets and gardens alike. Their pilgrimage took them far from their mothers to foreign playgrounds. They were free.

No longer bonded to their mothers, but the love still remained. They are who they are, because of the love of their mothers. It is never forgotten and always celebrated. The wind provided them with rhythm and they gravitated toward one another, collecting in small groups. The fallen children danced in circles, beautiful and carefree. The dried brittle sounds of the fallen scraped the ground, creating a melody for the wind. The children danced and celebrated to the music that life offered. High above the ground the mothers took pride and joy in seeing their children sharing in the music and dance – children from different lands with different appearances, all sharing in the joy of life.

Everything has its time, this was the time for the fallen to dance.

A thought on the nature of things…

I see words and language as symbols of greater concepts which cannot necessarily be explained, but we try. We try to convey the thoughts and images in our head using words. People are different, each understands and conceptualizes differently and therefore their outlook is somewhat slightly distorted to what you may see and understand. Some of us use art to interpret our thoughts and then convey what we have learned. Some people get it, others don’t. There is no surprise to me that there is so much disagreement and conflict in the world. That’s the nature of things I guess. I like to think we all believe in the same thing, we just label things differently, give slightly different symbolism for the same concepts. Perhaps some put more emphasis in the symbol (the physical) and tend to neglect the concept (spiritual). Maybe it is the concepts we should be mentally submersing ourselves in, trying to understand the concept by action. I like to think that this creates a balance between your physical self and your higher consciousness/spirit/soul whatever you like to call it.

I like to see the universe (existence/life/God/whatever you would like to call it) as a self-sufficient “machine” if you will. Similar to a pocket watch with all its cogs and wheels; everything the pocket watch needs to work, resides inside. If the universe is indeed self-sufficient, then every single cog and wheel within this grand universe is imperative for the universe to function. No matter how small the cog may seem, it will affect the cogs around it and in turn they will affect others and so on and so forth.

The universe is in constant motion, for it is the motion that keeps life together. Planets, solar systems and galaxies, all constantly hurtling through space, never remaining in the same place – forever changing. If the universe itself lives upon this principle of change or evolution, surely this concept relates even to such insignificant cogs such as ourselves, for do we not reside within the universe?

I like to think there is an unseen connection or thread that permeates everything in existence and it is this connection we should be seeking. If we understand and can identify the connections, can we not relate it to aspects of our personal existence? Perhaps the universe does converse with us on a daily basis. Perhaps our pride over the symbol prevents us from widening our gaze and exploring the concepts. We should not be so concerned what we call God, we should be more concerned with the concept and what it has to teach us. Too often its the names and symbols that hinder peace and love. Things are different, things are varied. Maybe it is that way because the universe has not stopped moving since it began. Perhaps it evolved from one simple concept, which gave rise to others but the connection between all is always there. If we can see past the differences and look for the connections the world, I think, will be a friendlier more loving place.

Death of the great trees

Death of a tree

They are the great sentinels standing guard over our world. Some have withstood centuries. They are the gigantic organisms men see and take for granted. They have seen the evolution of man and his ways. They witnessed mans great triumphs, only to be used against the world they were given to nurture. They have seen the change of the decades and can truly appreciate the cyclic nature of existence. They have endured pain and hardship by the hand of man, yet some still stand.

The great trees are becoming few and endangered. The great beings that give all living creatures breath, are being culled for man’s short-sighted benefits, but ultimately man is culling himself.

Trees are becoming too few now. So few sway freely in the wind and offer shelter to the smaller beings of the world. Man is opting for cold hard steel and concrete, so we can marvel at our architecture; A lifeless structure that took the lives of many living entities.

The balance to keep the scale even has shifted. Man now outweighs nature, and it is only a matter of time before that scale breaks.


World’s Big Trees Are Dying: Alarming Increase in Death Rates Among Trees 100-300 Years Old

A thought on Marijuana and hemp…

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I came across an article a few days ago about the Oaksterdam University that was raided by the D.E.A.  Oaksterdam University is probably the only university that teaches people how to cultivate marijuana in the hopes to “legitimize the business and work to change the law to make cannabis legal”, which is their mission statement.

Oaksterdam University is situated in California, a state which legalized marijuana back 1996.  The problem is that medicinal marijuana is legal in state law, but federal law makes it illegal.  Confusing much?  Oaksterdam is not the only institution that has been raided, numerous other legal marijuana dispensaries have been shut down, causing many to lose jobs and many patients unable to receive their medication.

So much of tax payers money gets wasted on something that is less harmful than cigarettes and coffee.  I think there is a lot of misinformation on marijuana and personally I don’t think it should be made illegal.  Along with marijuana, its cousin, hemp is also made illegal.  Hemp has literally, thousands of uses.  We could harvest hemp for paper instead of forests, it can be made into plastics, paper, oils and even bio fuels.   It has so much to offer, yet people from all around the world pay taxes to “protect” themselves against this harmless plant, often with much collateral damage.    Just because something is made available doesn’t mean you have to use it.  Take responsibility for yourself and your actions, and allow others to do the same.  We get so caught up in being right and wrong that we end up projecting our beliefs onto those who see things differently to ourselves.  Can we not respect the next person enough to allow them to explore possibilities so they can arrive at their own conclusion?  We need to understand that another person’s decision and belief does not have to affect us.  If you really respect someone, you would allow them to live their life freely as long as long as they cause no harm.   Marijuana poses no threat, and if you feel it does, then stay away from it.  Just let it be.

For more information about a brief history about marijuana have a read here.