Morning ocean musings

There I stood, still in the shadow of all that was man and human, before the sun could warm itself, looking out at an ocean – swelling like a heart full of love;
hoping that something bigger, something more than what I had become would rise out of its waters to comfort me
but all I felt was the sea spit in my face as it broke its answer over the edge
And as I stood I wondered if there was a crustacean or clown fish on the floor of this swelling heart that wondered, hoped and felt the same as I…

Right of admission reserved.

Be a metaphor today. Be something more than just a human.

Today I am the universe’s smallest library, continuously looking for new material.
There is no copyright in my library, but you should always respect the books. It is impossible to steal them, but you are encouraged to use the photocopier. Take the copies to your library and keep your edited books and encouraged piracy there. Do not leave an unnecessary mess and do not create an unnecessary disturbance in my library. I will always clean up the mess, but you shall not be permitted to enter again. Today I am a library and if you so choose, you may pick out any book to read. But who these days truly has the time and patience to read entire books? Right of admission reserved.

What are you today?

Long exposure – The multi-faceted self

Is it as simple as being one person?  Or is slightly more complex than that? Since birth, life has been a varied assortment of experiences and with every experience something is learned.  After years go by you start to familiarize you with yourself, discovering your likes and dislikes.  You begin to fuel your likes because this makes you happy.  Soon you find out your likes turn to passion and passion becomes inspiration and you pursue it.  But you notice you have a whole hosts of likes and passions, dislikes and peeves.  And within this one person all their results of experiences are kept in balance, and every now and then a facet will dominate ever so slightly, subconsciously egging you on to feed it.