Instantaneous living

This instant gratification that we strive for is damaging. It’s leading us to daily impatience due to our expectation, which is based on our ability to get more things done faster – thanks a great deal to technology. Although these things that have sprouted from our creative minds to fill a space to suit a task and improve it are great and wonderful, but it shouldn’t mean that we should adopt a motto of : ‘we have the ability, so therefore we must’. This attitude, I believe, is far more dangerous than we like to think.

Technology is at a place where things are being improved at a steady rate and because it is seen as helpful, our perception of these gadgets and abilities also shift with them. It is allowing us to accomplish more and more in less time and that eventually becomes standardized, setting the bar for the masses to follow. Doing more things in less time is great, but to what end?
When demands are constantly met, expectation no doubt eventually also creeps in. When there is a new breakthrough allowing for even more things to be done in even less time (which may eventually become the norm) expectation will also shift. It will get to the point where we demand the impossible out of people and due to our expectation of the ‘standard’  we will eventually make it impossible for ourselves to be human.

Add to this the fear of our mortality, our safety and thus our dependability on money. This creates an illusion of time. If this instantaneous obsession becomes the norm, then we begin to fear that we are running out of time. So we do more with gadgets that allow us to do still more in that time. Eventually we spend the majority of our waking life in a career we didn’t necessarily want, all to make some money to create a personal life we spend a fraction of time living. This pressure of the illusion of time causes stress in many people’s lives and that stress expresses itself  as discomfort and dis-ease in the human unit (both mentally, emotionally and physically), much of which is unnecessary.

We need to practice intelligent moderation and balance. Life is dynamic and is forever changing and we do need to move with it, but all in moderation. We need to show control and intelligent balance demands the greatest of control, for one needs to know when to make a willing sacrifice for the well-being of not only the single human unit, but for humanity in general.

Passing thoughts…

There was a time when words held wisdom and a picture spoke a thousand words.
Now words hold half-truths for the betterment of entertainment and the demise of reality.
A picture or photograph no longer speak a thousand words,
They are now nothing more than images holding up glamoured perfection.
Perfection is in the glamour and we have swallowed it whole.
To err is human and this we have forgotten.
Perfection is not precise, it is the free movement of life.
It’s the small inconsistencies that give character, uniqueness and individuality – That is the perfection,
The intentional movement of life and the self-correction of that which hinders the greater good
and each subjective experience is unique and individual, giving rise to character.
That is perfection – The infinite possibilities of free subjects.
Are we free?
Or have we indoctrinated ourselves into the  glamoured ideals of perfection and product?

To err is human and perfection takes time. Have we forgotten patience too?

A lesson of creation…

My imagination a clean pane of thick glass,

a clean canvas.

Both awaiting destruction.

It starts with a thought, a spark ignites.

With the right intention the spark will drive the thought to impact.

If both the thought and intention behind it are strong enough, the glass will crack

causing it to spiderweb,

opening my imagination to new cracks leading to new ideas.

Each brush stroke leads to the next, filling out the canvas.

Slowly building the image stroke by stroke.

Never to be a clean canvas again.

Never again to be a clean pane of glass.


I cannot help but think of the irony – the price for the creation is a destruction.

There is beauty in that destruction.

Perhaps a subliminal lesson in duality?

Is there perhaps a price for creating – a give and take?

Perhaps there is a duality in everything,

but for a duality to exist balance must be achieved.

Finding that balance is in itself an art.

A thought on blogging…

I’ve been blogging for roughly 7 months now and it’s interesting to see the progression and evolution of my blog.  It was originally started to encourage and promote my photography, which it still does, but recently it has branched out somewhat.  I named my blog Observing Vessel, because that is what in essence a camera is.  As the weeks and posts have gone by, I have come to realize that it is not the camera that is the Observing Vessel, but myself.  The camera is just a tool I use to Observe my environment, and when the camera isn’t there?  I’m still an observing vessel, observing and learning from what I perceive.  So my blog has evolved over these short few months, but that’s good.  For things to survive an evolution must take place.  If the environment changes and I do not, then I run the very probable risk of not surviving.

So what does blogging mean to me now that I have been exposed to it for a good few months?  Well, for me, it’s not just about promoting my photography anymore.  It has become an extension of me.  A way for me to voice my thoughts and concerns in a way that isn’t necessarily intrusive.  I have accepted that everyone has an opinion and everyone has different personalities.   We all have the right to voice and express those opinions.  I have found that too many people have taken that right to the extreme.  It’s no longer about voicing opinions because they are concerned or have interest, it is now a matter of voicing opinions because they can.  Regardless of the scenario and of other people, these highly self-opinionated people find the need to express their opinion.  Their argument:  Its their constitutional right.  They seem to think their opinion is more important and righteous than the next persons feelings or situation.  Has the ego gotten so big that we no longer have self-control?

Blogging agrees with my ethos; I can share my thoughts, views and photography with the world, but it isn’t forced on you to read. YOUhave the option whether to read my opinions or not.  If you disagree or don’t like what is written, one can simply just close the window.  What does that do?  Well, for one a blog (if the intentions are pure and true) will attract like-minded thinkers.  They will see a familiarity within the words, thought and photographs; something that attracts them to it.  By sharing my outlooks and interest Im spreading an awareness and consciousness, opening up the door to more possibilities not just for me but for others too.  Other people’s blogs have that effect on me.  They will challenge my thinking and offer new points of view, and if they have something of quality to share, something that is truthful and that I feel the writer believes in, then I will continue to visit their blogs.

There are also many bloggers who promote useless content that doesn’t contribute anything positive to society.   Blogs can (and should) be personal.  The chances are pretty high that you are already working a job that you are not completely fond of and that doesn’t fit your personality, why blog about something that holds no interest to you?  Why promote Hollywood gossip, trends and push ideals because they are popular?  People who blog content that holds no personal interest or morals just for popularity, or indeed money, are lying to themselves and are literally selling themselves short of who theyreallyare.  If that be their choice, then so be it.  Everyone to their own.  I believe truthful, honest blogging can make a difference.  Every time you write you are solidifying what you believe.  The more you write (and blog) the more you can learn about yourself and the more you share, the more of a possibility there is of others learning from you .  Stay true to yourself and spread positivity, why would anyone want to spread anything else?