God is music. It causes something to stir within the human particles within its universe or sphere of influence.
The particles begin moving, thrashing and colliding until they coalesce into a sea of varying waves of expression.
A particle does not necessarily realise the awesomeness of this until they take a moment to change perspective and try take in and observe the living universe in its perceived entirety.
What do they see?

This image is not my own.
This image is not my own.

They see a sea if different bodies expressing themselves accordingly; but collectively, they are the expression of the music itself and it is the music that determines the quality and character of life in that universe.
But what the particles don’t all realise is that God has different expressions and although many worship music, others worship literature and art, and if you look a bit more carefully, you will find God everywhere.
Not all particles understand that music, literature, art and all the other Gods also have Gods, as do those Gods and so on and so forth.
This is the best I can perceive eternity.
What God do you worship and more importantly, what kind of God are you?

Right now

Right now,
I feel like being sucked up
out into a great abyss of existence.
Where I’m stretched so thin that all of me permeates the universe on every level conceivable.
I want to get a feel for truth.
I want to feel it on the tips of my fingers across light years of nebula and supernova.
I want to close my eyes and fall asleep to the feelings and sounds of existence.
As if it were water
so I can slowly sink and drown in what is.

A thought on the nature of things…

I see words and language as symbols of greater concepts which cannot necessarily be explained, but we try. We try to convey the thoughts and images in our head using words. People are different, each understands and conceptualizes differently and therefore their outlook is somewhat slightly distorted to what you may see and understand. Some of us use art to interpret our thoughts and then convey what we have learned. Some people get it, others don’t. There is no surprise to me that there is so much disagreement and conflict in the world. That’s the nature of things I guess. I like to think we all believe in the same thing, we just label things differently, give slightly different symbolism for the same concepts. Perhaps some put more emphasis in the symbol (the physical) and tend to neglect the concept (spiritual). Maybe it is the concepts we should be mentally submersing ourselves in, trying to understand the concept by action. I like to think that this creates a balance between your physical self and your higher consciousness/spirit/soul whatever you like to call it.

I like to see the universe (existence/life/God/whatever you would like to call it) as a self-sufficient “machine” if you will. Similar to a pocket watch with all its cogs and wheels; everything the pocket watch needs to work, resides inside. If the universe is indeed self-sufficient, then every single cog and wheel within this grand universe is imperative for the universe to function. No matter how small the cog may seem, it will affect the cogs around it and in turn they will affect others and so on and so forth.

The universe is in constant motion, for it is the motion that keeps life together. Planets, solar systems and galaxies, all constantly hurtling through space, never remaining in the same place – forever changing. If the universe itself lives upon this principle of change or evolution, surely this concept relates even to such insignificant cogs such as ourselves, for do we not reside within the universe?

I like to think there is an unseen connection or thread that permeates everything in existence and it is this connection we should be seeking. If we understand and can identify the connections, can we not relate it to aspects of our personal existence? Perhaps the universe does converse with us on a daily basis. Perhaps our pride over the symbol prevents us from widening our gaze and exploring the concepts. We should not be so concerned what we call God, we should be more concerned with the concept and what it has to teach us. Too often its the names and symbols that hinder peace and love. Things are different, things are varied. Maybe it is that way because the universe has not stopped moving since it began. Perhaps it evolved from one simple concept, which gave rise to others but the connection between all is always there. If we can see past the differences and look for the connections the world, I think, will be a friendlier more loving place.

Walking the walk, talking the talk…

Since I have started this blogging thing, I have found myself more immersed in my thoughts.  Really thinking about life, the universe and everything – as Douglas Adams once put it.  My original intention of my blog was to encourage myself to photograph more, which it has been doing, but it is almost as if it is evolving into something more than just photography.  This blog has potential to do more than just showcase photographs that I take.  Through taking photographs I am observing.  I’m observing life, interactions and consequences, and it has made me think.  It has helped sculpted philosophies and conclusions within me, leaving me with purpose.  It doesn’t end there.  What is the point of observing life, making choices and drawing conclusions if I’m not going to apply them to my life?  Yes, we see it on social networks and over-hear it in the work place – hypocrisy.  At some stage we are all guilty of it, the difference though is being aware of it.  It annoys me somewhat when hearing people say one thing only to turn their back to contradict themselves in action or word.  That is what I do not want to be.  Make your bed and lay in it.  Over the last year or so I have drawn many conclusions, and I’m sure those views may slowly evolve as I observe life more, but I’m determined to stick as close as possible to these philosophies that I have discovered via personal observation.  So this blog will not only contain photographs but also interesting topics that I find relevant and important to share, so there may be a more re-bloggin a goin on.   Its time to solidify what we believe and think, regardless whether it will eventually change.  Stick to YOUR beliefs; you are what you learn, not what some institution has “taught” you.  Use your mind and discretion, but make a decision and stand firm… This vehicle is going to be used to spread the good, not the bullshit.